University College Utrecht

University College Utrecht

An Interdisciplinary Honours College


UCU is an honors college that is part of Utrecht University. At a Liberal Arts & Sciences college like ours, students are free to explore their own unique interests and passions. All of our students major in at least two disciplines, varying across all academic fields. From art history to chemistry, from law to cognitive neuroscience, the college offers a lot of possibilities. 

Because we are a small scaled college with around 700 students who all specialize within different disciplines, our students all develop their own unique perspectives. These different perspectives, combined with the many different cultures at UCU, allow for interesting interdisciplinary and intercultural discussions. In this way, UCU prepares its students for vibrant work environments where they can both easily adapt and bring interesting insights to the workplace.

Small scaled

Our classes are very small (28 students max). In this way, class participation is high and our students are given the opportunity to develop a lot of professional skills. UCU students have developed advanced skills in presenting and writing compared to normal Dutch university students. The small classes allow for constant high quality feedback.

Excellence & experience

UCU students have a very broad interest, are highly motivated, ambitious and about 50% graduates cum laude. On top of that, many students are looking for experiences that complement their academic curriculum by joining all sorts of committees, boards and other extracurricular activities. Our very own student association, the University College Student Association (UCSA) facilitates some of these activities. Our campus has 39 active committees, 10 teams and a hand full of supporting bodies. 


In 2022, 44.3% of our students graduated cum laude
Approximately 53% of our students major in Social Sciences, 32% major in Science and 15% in Humanities.
89% of our students pursue a master's degree. 25% of the students choose a UU master, 35% go abroad for their master. 25% of UCU students end up with a PhD.

As mentioned before, our students study a broad range of subjects. This also shows in the top 10 disciplines where are students end up for their follow-up education:

·        Law 7%
·        Medicine 6%
·        International relations 6%
·        Life sciences 6%
·        Neurosciences 6%
·        Psychology 6%
·        Economics 4%
·        Environmental Science 4%
·        Political Science 4%
·        Sociology 3%